Clarins Multi-Blush | 01 Peach

Hello Beauties,

Hope you are doing well. Though it is monsoon season here in India, my city is hardly getting any rains. It is so hot with a burning sun. So with this kinda weather my go-to makeup look is dewy look. I wanted to review today 1 product which I have been using these days for my look. It is Clarins Multi Blush in 01 Peach shade.

Clarins Multi-Blush In Peach
Clarins Multi-Blush In Peach

Read on further to know how it fares.

Product Description:

Clarins Multi-Blush is a cream blush which was released in 2014 with 4 shades. I currently own 2 of them :01 Peach and 03 Grenadine .  It claims to have cream to powder formula, which is great as you can just apply it with your finger tips.

Clarins Multi-Blush
Clarins Multi-Blush

The packaging is drool worthy once you see it. It comes in a handy small gold mirrored box. The backside of the box mentions the shade number along with the description.Inside the box, there is a full- sized mirror. Once you are over the elegance of the packaging, you will realize how easily you can smudge the casing with your fingertips and what not. That’s a bit disappointing as the blush itself is a cream and its easily prone to smudging.


Price: 27 Euro for 4 g.

Detailed Review:

Though it is a cream blush , as soon as you use it turns into a powder. You can easily apply it with your finger tips, but once you sweep it off the box, it directly turns to a powder. I have tried using it with a brush, but due to the cream to powder formula, I was not able to fetch any color onto my skin, as most of the product got lost in the brush. So you need to quickly start blending it on the skin.

The shade 01 peach is a very soft peach, just enough to give you a radiant and natural glowing look.  The color however is sheer, but build able. This shade is perfect if you want to go for a natural look with a hint of a glow. If you need more color you may have to built up using more product.

The lasting power is for 4-5 hrs, which is fine for me. I carry it in my purse for few touch-ups which I can do with just my fingers.

Though I have dry skin, this blush feels perfect on my skin. But I feel, it is best suited for people with oily skin. Overall, this blush is perfect.

Only con, I can find with this blush, is the packaging as it gets dirty very easily.


Clarins Multi-Blush- 01 Peach Swatch
Clarins Multi-Blush- 01 Peach Swatch
Clarins Multi-Blush- 01 Peach Swatch
Clarins Multi-Blush- 01 Peach Swatch

If you are looking for a sheer shade with just a hint of a blush, then 01 Peach is your best bet. But if you want more color , then you can check out other shades in this range.

I will be back with the review of 03 Grenadine which is a darker shade soon.

Till then feel beautiful and stay connected.


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